Hogue Air Force

Hogue Inc. has maintained the latest in innovation and precision manufacturing for over half a century. The company continues to uphold excellent standards of fit, function, and finish through their diverse line of products, including handgun grips, knives, tactical rifle components, rifle stocks, holsters, and gear bags.
Hogue Air Force is a byproduct of the company’s decades of success, a team comprised of the four Hogue Inc. partners – Aaron Hogue, Patrick Hogue, Neil Hogue and Jim Bruhns. Each are private pilots and utilize the following range of aircraft for advertisement, management and travel.

Aero L-29 Super Delfin

The L-29 Delfin is a Jet powered Czechoslovakian made aircraft.

The “Super Delfin” is the name given to a handful of the planes designed for racing that have been converted from the stock jet engine producing approximately 1700 Lbs. of thrust, to a Pratt & Whitney J-60 engine producing approximately 3000 Lbs. of thrust. A converted L-29 Delfin holds the record at the Reno Air Races for the fastest lap speed of over 540MPH.

AERO L-29 Jet Gallery

2nd L-29 Restoration Project

Columbia 400

Originally built by Lancair the design was bought by Cessna in 2008 and re-branded the Cessna 400, Corvalis and the TTx.

With a Carbon Fiber hull the Columbia 400 is one of the fastest certified single engine piston aircraft.

Cessna 210 Centurian

This is the workhorse of our fleet! The Turbo 210 is a terrific aircraft, roomy and fast with a heavy payload capacity.

It absolutely would be our number one keeper!

Cessna 182 Skylane

In our opinion, this is the best all-around piston plane Cessna ever built. This was the first plane in our fleet purchased in 1996 and was used for all our IFR training.

Cessna 150

More pilots have trained on a 150 than any other aircraft. Inexpensive to own and operate, the 150 can take the roughest of student landings!